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Indefinite Hiatus [Sat, Jul 10th, 10 @ 1:33pm]
"Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice: pull down your pants and slide on the ice."
1 Kamikaze Scotsmen | Ten-shun!

Adventure! [Mon, May 31st, 10 @ 1:59pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all military men/women past/present/future.

Yesterday I went over to Shelby's to hang out and catch up. She got accepted into LECOM, so she'll be leaving Thiel just as I did. We had dinner with her mom and John then played Family Feud on Facebook. We had a long chat about Glee and then decided to go to Baskin-Robbins for some icecream. I had this awesome sorbet that was green apple, grape, and blue raspberry all mixed together. We were just eating icecream and having a good ol' bull session when Shelby pulls out this card for the local high school that she had and noticed that there were some pretty sweet deals on it. One of the deals was that if you went to this one place up in Geneva and bought an Adventure (go-karts, mini golf, and bumper boats) you got another Adventure free. Can you guess what we decided to do? Haha. We both payed half for an Adventure and so got the other one free. I love spontaneous activities. We did the bumper boats first and I ended up getting Shelbs nice and wet. Haha. Then we played mini golf and I got my butt whooped (only by seven points though). My favorite part of mini golf would have to have been the random Ke$ha song we started to sing in the middle of the game. We never did do the go-karts because the line was 12 miles long, so we went to the arcade, played some games, and won tickets. The prizes weren't really thrilling, so I just got a pirate eyepatch and Shelby and I gave our tickets to a random kid. Turns out it was his birthday. I think we totally made his day! Haha. We then headed back to Shelbo's house and went our separate ways.

Oh! We have "friendship bracelets" now. Shelby gave me one of those rubber bands that are shaped like things, I don't know it's some new fad. Haha. Anyway, she and I now have matching saxophone ones. I was told never to take it off, so I guess I'll be buried with it. :)

I had a lot of fun and can't wait until we have another one of our adventures.


Deaf Child Area [Sun, May 16th, 10 @ 11:50am]
[ mood | good ]

Long time no update. I accredit this to being busy with school and whatnot. I'm still at Vet Tech and I still very much enjoy the school and my classes. I got a 4.0 last term and am working to keep it for this term.

Friday night I hung out with my friends Brittnay, Erin, and Lindsey at Lindsey's house. She only lives about a half an hour away from me, so that's pretty snazzy. We had a dance party in her driveway, drove around aimlessly on back roads, went to Deer Park, cooked food on the grill, went to the movies (we saw Date Night; it was very funny/good), and just had a completely awesome time. Brittnay is from Maryland and Erin is from Philadelphia, so it was cool that they got to hang out in my neck of the woods this weekend. Well, I would type more, but I have plenty of pictures to share.

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Oopduhate [Sat, Apr 17th, 10 @ 5:09pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I'm quite aware that nobody probably reads my blog anymore, but that's cool because I'm going to be all Anne Frank and write this for myself. Like a real journal! Ha!

Things that have been going on with me:

I redecorated my room at the apartment.

I have a bank account and check card now. (Not sure if that's good or bad yet. Haha.)

School is still going well and I still really like it. Finals are coming up soon, but I'm not too worried.

I gave my first real injection (canine flu vaccine). I get to draw blood on Monday.

Made some more friends and have been hanging out with them a lot. We even had a Guitar Hero night the other night. It was quite awesome, even though I was defeated quite easily.

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Spring Break [Sat, Apr 3rd, 10 @ 7:59pm]
[ mood | good ]

Hey! I've been on Spring Break!

Oddly enough, I'm not at all fussed about going back to VTI. I must really like it there.

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"I don't run, I prance." -Erin [Sat, Mar 20th, 10 @ 9:54pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today was awesome! I spent the day with my roomie, Beth, and our friends Erin and Nicole. We spent the day by riding the subway, window shopping at a mall, and stuffing ourselves at the Hard Rock Cafe. I've sort of fallen off the blogging wagon...let's just let my pictures tell the story.

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20 [Sun, Feb 7th, 10 @ 6:27pm]
[ mood | good ]

Holy crap, I'm 20 today!

That's halfway to midlife!

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Just a Little Update [Sat, Jan 16th, 10 @ 9:53am]
[ mood | good ]


As most of you know, I applied and made it into the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh. I moved up there January 2nd and due to horrid weather, I'm just now back home for the weekend. Two weeks is way too long to go without seeing your furry children, let me tell you.

I really am enjoying the school though. I'm actually learning things that interest me and not once have I found myself asking the classic question of, "When the bloody hell am I going to use this?" So far the classes aren't too hard either, which is always great. I could probably type on and on about everything I've learned so far and how much I am enjoying the school, but I'll spare your eyes. If you do want to know more, leave a comment here or message me on MySpace or Facebook, whatever floats your canoe.

My apartment is nice, but I'm not quite used to it yet. Hopefully that will change since I have to live in it for 16 months. My roomie, Beth, is really quite awesome and we actually have a lot in common. She also brought her cat with her, so I have something to pet/cuddle/love. Haha.

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Christmas [Sat, Dec 26th, 09 @ 4:33pm]
[ mood | good ]

Merry Day-After-Christmas, folks! I had a wonderful Christmas filled with snazzy gifts and lots of time spent with the family. Hope you and yours had a great time as well!

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Why Didn't I Do This Sooner? [Sat, Nov 14th, 09 @ 6:04pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Some odd moons ago when I was first looking at colleges, I found a place extremely close by that was small and that many people from my high school attended. This place was Thiel College. I made happy little blogs about how awesome it was, how much I loved it, and how much I was looking forward to graduating from there. Then as the days dragged on and on, my blogs started to be filled with the message that Thiel College crushes one's soul with it's POINTLESS classes and mudance routine. It works for some, but this bird cannot be caged, baby! Finally, the soul crushing took it's toll and Lindsey (That's me!) decided that enough was enough and thought about a change in career plans (not a huge one, mind you) and thought to look at different schools. Then one day, Lindsey (Why the sudden change to third person?) hit upon the idea that she'd like to be a veterinary technician (fancy term for animal nurse). Lindsey searched long and hard on Google and stumbled upon the Vet Tech Institute in PIttsburgh. On a whim, Lindsey asked for an application. She wasn't sure if she would apply or not, but then after the first day back to classes at Thiel, she decided she would. Lindsey took some tests, got told her grades/experience were awesome, and she was accepted. And that my friends leads us to today:

I woke up at the butt crack of dawn this morning and prepared myself to head over to VTI to go on a tour, fill out forms, etc. My dad and G-ma also went with me because G-ma is interested in everything I do and my dad would be paying for my schooling after all. After driving the 90 some odd miles, we finally arrived, drove around in circles for half an hour, and finally found VTI. We visited with the financial aid office and luckily I qualified for quite a few grants and some pretty sweet student loans, so everything (tuition, books, uniform, apartment) would be paid for. Sure, I'll probably be in debt until I die, but it will totally be worth it. After dealing with my money situation, I met up with my representative, John. He's really very nice (as is everyone I met today). He sent me over to a room where I tried on scrubs, which will be my uniform there, and then gave us a tour of the place. AUFUFD! It looks like so much fun! Even the boring school work stuff seems like fun! There are surgery rooms, kennels with all kinds of critters, very nice labs, and some spiffy classrooms too. It's really quite small too and as you all know, I like it cozy. We grabbed a quick lunch of pizza and then went on a bus that took us to where our housing would be. I guess the school has a deal with this one apartment complex, so basically all the students will be housed near/with each other. The apartments are VERY nice. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen (equipped with a dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator), 1.5 bathrooms, cable, DSL, and a living room area. The apartments are also located in what I can only describe as like a gated community too, so there is a swimming pool, gym, basketball court, and volleyball area. It's a REALLY awesome place. I would have to bring furniture, but my dad's girlfriend has her mom's old furniture and I'm going to "shop" at her garage pretty soon. After viewing the apartments we went back to VTI, filled out a rental form, a roommate questionnaire form, deposited some money for my apartment, and then headed home.

I had a blast and I cannot wait until January.


!!! [Mon, Oct 19th, 09 @ 3:59pm]
[ mood | !!! ]

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Go, go Gadget 'Copter! [Sun, Oct 11th, 09 @ 5:15pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, I have not updated in ages, have I?

I'm going to use two excuses for this:

1. College is lame and makes Lindsey's free time disappear.
2. Lindsey hasn't done anything remotely interesting lately.

While 1 still holds true, 2 no longer does!

Before we travel down that road, I'll just ramble on a bit about what I've been up to since the last update.

- I'm still in college and I haven't been killed by it yet. All of my classes are going quite well, especially Spanish (I mean, I hope it would after four years in high school, right?). Downside to it all is that I have to walk up this b!tch of a hill every day and I want to suggest that the college install a ski lift.

- I've changed my plans regarding my career. Instead of going for a four year biology degree with pre-vet courses then going to another college for another four years to be a veterinarian, I've decided to just be a veterinary technician. And no, it wouldn't be me just working with technology, I'd essentially be a nurse. Sure, I would run the tech, but I could also do minor surgeries, give shots, assist in surgery, do blood/fecal tests, etc. There's quite a lot that a vet tech does. In order to achieve my latest dream, I've applied to the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh. It seems like a very good school and a place where I'd be quite happy (I'm not at my current college to be honest). They take animals from shelters and we work on them alongside ACTUAL veterinarians and all of the animals are adoptable to students! I'm still waiting to hear back from them. I've got my fingers crossed. It's kind of expensive and I'd have to live there, but it's something I really want to do.


- I am currently taking 10 mg of Lexapro each night before bed to rid me of my anxiety/depression. So far it's working very well and I am a lot more calm, happy, and focused. I do get some fatigue and really vivid/strange dreams (one night I dreamed I was a Siberian husky that could talk and had to rid the world of aliens with Harry, Ron, and Hermione from the Harry Potter series), but it's a lot better than being constantly worried and in a fog.

Now comes the fun:

This weekend was the Covered Bridge Festival and Shelby happens to live right next to one of the bridges on the tour, so she had a bake sale to get some cash from tourists and tourons. I had to make that last distinction because while there were idiots lurking around the bridges, the old people were adorable and I wanted to take them all home and feed them cookies. I love old people. Anyway, I decided to head over to Shelby's house (Cori and Kristen, who had to leave shortly after to go to work, came too) to keep her company and help hold down the fort. We managed to sell quite a lot of baked goods and saw some pretty interesting people ("Did he buy immigrants online?"). Once it started getting pretty cold out and the activity died down, we closed up shop, checked the inventory, made a list, went to the store, bought some more ingredients, and baked some more goodies. I couldn't manage to get up there today, but I'm sure the sale went very well.

That's all. I'll be back again though.

Oh, yeah! The subject of this blog? I've had the Inspector Gadget theme song stuck in my head all day.

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I Eat Lunch with Dead People [Fri, Sep 4th, 09 @ 1:48pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

I am officially done with my first week back to college. Well, technically I was officially done at noon, but I had things to do. Anyway...

My classes aren't too bad and I like all of my professors (so far).

I have genetics, which I find pretty interesting and my favorite professor teaches it, so it's all gravy. The lab is kind of cool too. We've been breeding fruit flies since Tuesday and are going to do some big population genetics project. My group has to cover scarlet eyed flies and ebony bodied flies. Only one week in and I already can sex and anesthetize fruit flies! One downer is that we have to do projects in either groups of two or three (and we don't get to choose the person) and then present them to the class. I'm not really a fan of that because I have an extreme phobia of speaking in front of people. Augh.

I'm also taking organic chemistry, which I'm actually understanding so far and am looking forward to because there isn't a lot of math/equations that you have to memorize. Score! The professor seems really nice and pretty cool too, which is a plus.

Another class I'm taking is Spanish. But not just any Spanish...Spanish for beginners. Bahaha. I love it. I had four years in high school and so far this class has just a been a breeze. My teacher is actually Spanish and lives in Madrid. She seems really nice and actually reminds me A LOT of my high school Spanish teacher. I don't really foresee any problems in this class. The only thing I dislike is that she likes to randomly call on people and ask them to say their numbers backward, say the alphabet, etc. Ah, well.

The last class I'm currently taking is health. It's taught by a nurse that used to actually teach nursing when Thiel had a program. It seems fairly easy. We pretty much just read the sections, discuss them in class, and take quizzes on Blackboard. No biggie, I suppose.

And yes, I do eat lunch with dead people! I also eat lunch with one living person too. Shelby commutes this year and by some lucky chance, we both have breaks at the same time, so the two of us eat lunch together. We had a few spots picked out, but they were either too crowded or too much in the sun. However, we both were struck with a brilliant idea. Across from where we park is a cemetery and on a hill there are some stone steps directly in the shade of a big, old tree. It's a really nice spot and we've taken it up as our dining spot. The dead people we eat with? James and Nancy McKnight. They're pretty cool, but not very chatty.

Another new thing this year is that I'm going to be put on anxiety medication. I am and am not looking forward to it. I really don't want to be on medication, but I'm so sick of being filled with anxiety every waking moment for known and unknown reasons. My coping mechanism is becoming a problem too. See, when I'm stressed/anixety filled/having a bad time, I just roll in a ball and fall asleep. This becomes a problem because I get home at noon and sleep until 6 and have hardly any time to do the things I want and then I cannot sleep at night. I hate it! I've had anxiety attacks and long bouts of it for years, but it's really been escalating these past three years and I really can't take it anymore. I go to the doctor's in two weeks to find out everything for sure. I'm kind of worried though because I don't know what anxiety medication will do to my OCD. Will it help it? Make it worse? Ah! I've got to have a long chat with my doctor.

Oh, I am a mess.


Barking Spiders [Sat, Aug 22nd, 09 @ 9:34pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I've had a totally awesome and totally chaotic two days.

Friday morning I was sitting at home, reading Bleach manga (yes, I AM that much of a nerd), when my cousin Sheila called me and asked if I wanted to go down to Columbus with her, John, and David (Kenny, Monica, and two of their friends would be going too). Of course I said yes! So, I got ready and my cousins picked me up and we headed down to Columbus. After what seemed like forever, we made it to my cousin's house. When we arrived some of the guys (Chad, Jeff, and Louis) from the band Sturbridge were hanging out on the porch with Shane, Kyle, Efrum, and Karl. Shane introduced us and we all hung out for a while. Once it got to be around the time Passing On had to play we headed over to the venue (the Newport). However, we were pretty hungry, so we decided to grab some pizza ($1 a slice) from a place right next to the Newport. While there, we met a pretty interesting fellow. I didn't catch his name, but apparently he is an archangel that not only killed Satan, but Jesus as well. And since he accomplished both of these feats, he now manages hell. Our "friend" also told us about how he rides trains all around Ohio and visits his "girl" in jail who is a heroin addict. The fun doesn't end there! The guy also carries around a string-less guitar with sayings such as, "Kill cops", written all over it. You know, I totally would have bought his story...if he didn't reek of liquor. Is it just me, or are the homeless getting more and more creative? After ditching the angel and eating our pizza, we headed over to the Newport. A few crappy bands played, then Passing On performed. AMAZING. I love them so much. Makes my whole month just getting down to see them. Sturbridge played after and also put on a damn good show. They even had Shane and Karl come up and sing "Wicked Garden" by Stone Temple Pilots with them. That was truly epic! After the show they had a party at Shane's house. Being a non-drinker I gravitated toward the only other non-drinker there, Sheila, and hung out with her all night. That was fine by me, Sheila's pretty damn cool. Haha. The two of us tried to go to bed around 3 AM, but that was a no go. Shane finally cleared people out around 4, but a couple doucheholes (did I invent that insult?) stuck around and annoyed me enough that I dropped a few f-bombs and said some angry things at them. Ha. You don't interrupt my sleep. EVER. After getting very little sleep, we got up, got ready, and went to Bob Evans for breakfast. After eating, we said our good-byes and headed home.

I got home and just messed around some; didn't really put any of my stuff from the trip away. One item included in this "stuff" was my wallet. Usually I keep my wallet locked in my car, but since I needed it in Columbus, I had it in the house. I meant to grab it and put it in the car on the way to G-ma's today, but I forgot. I was at G-ma's watching Gran Torino, when my uncle called and said a couple of shifty guys were hanging around my house and bugging his friend Mike that lives right across from me. They were going to head over and see what was up and I decided to race home too. When I got there, a car pulled out in front of me on my road and took off. My uncle and Mike were at my house checking things out and told me what was going on. Apparently they were going to try and get into Mike's, but he caught them and they told some bull story about getting robbed and looking for the person. Well, Mike decided to head over to my uncle's and the people (two guys and two chicks) ((I want to mention ethnicity, but that might make me racist...)) (((Oh hell, I kind of did!))) followed him over to my uncle's and were quite clear they didn't want the cops called. Hmm...I went through all the rooms in my house and didn't find anything amiss. Until I looked where I last placed my wallet and what do you know, it was gone. My uncle then saw someone duck down in the woods and went in to flush him out with an ash poker. I'm freaking out and this point and on the verge of tears. Long story short, a cop came with a dog, took down our story, took down my name and whatnot, etc. He also said the same make of car was reported earlier today hauling ass with some people that tried to break into cars at a campground. I'm in full blown tears at this time and feeling violated. Everyone leaves and I go outside for fresh air and to look for my cat. I find him near the woods and what the hell do you know, I find my wallet with everything in it. Good sweet Buddha, I have never been happier. It's possible I could have dropped it, but I doubt it. I don't know. Even if people didn't go into my house, I still feel violated by having these thugs (we think a drug deal went bad) and goons in my neighborhood. I live in the WOODS for crying out loud!

Is nowhere safe? Now I'm all paranoid that they're going to come back and eff me up or something.

And I feel like an a-hole because I threw a fit for pretty much nothing.


I am super grateful for my uncle and Mike. I'm so glad there are still good, decent people that will help and lookout for others.

By the way, Gran Torino is quite possibly one of the greatest movies I've ever seen.

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Small Updates [Wed, Aug 19th, 09 @ 12:05pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Sunday I went over to my aunt Bette's house with G-ma and Kimmy (other cousins and such were there too) to see my cousin Valerie, her boyfriend David, and their baby Madeline. They're out visiting from Colorado and I haven't seen them since my graduation, so I was very glad they came. Madeline is so adorable and has the cutest little baby voice. Haha. I'm such a girl...Kimmy had fun playing with Madeline and I'm sure Madeline appreciated having someone sort of her size around. We ate food, chatted, played with the baby, etc. You know, all the usual family get-together stuff. We stayed quite a while, but then Madeline wanted a nap, so we took off. I think I miss her.

Can you FedEx a baby?

Yesterday (Tuesday) I took G-ma up to the hospital for her last cataract surgery. We didn't have the same nurses as last time but the new ones (Mary and Brenda) were very nice and I liked talking to them. The same routine went down, got there two hours before surgery, hung out in a room with G-ma while they prepped her, etc. Only this time, the wicked waiting room was being revamped or something, so I had the option of waiting downstairs or in the room. Blah. I decided to sit in the room. It wasn't too bad, I had Lamb by Christopher Moore to occupy me. (That book is fantastic!) About an hour after they took her to surgery, G-ma was back in the room. She told me she was kind of awake this time and could see the tools they jabbed into her eye. Yikes! She said she didn't feel a thing though, which is probably a good thing! I mean, have you ever watched a cataract surgery on Youtube? It looks brutal. I'm glad she'll be able to see well now, but also sad that I'll never be able to call her "Cataracts" as a nickname ever again. Sigh. Anyway, she's doing much better today and is so excited to have her eyes fixed. She's even more excited because she can finally drive again. She's already taken a joy ride over here once today. Haha.

I go back to school in roughly two weeks (12 days to be exact). I'm nervous, but not. Does that make sense? Man, oh man. Another yearrrr.

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"Boom! Manifested!" [Sun, Aug 9th, 09 @ 5:42pm]
[ mood | good ]

Let's start off with some backtracking:

Tuesday I went to the hospital to stay with G-ma while she had a cataract removed from her right eye. We were there probably four hours. Which is kind of crazy considering the surgery only takes roughly 15 minutes. Well, the first hour we chilled out in a hospital room, me in a chair and her in a bed, watching a fuzzy version of America's Newsroom. The second hour a couple nurses came in and prepped her for the operation. The two of them (Terrie and Pam) were wicked funny. Another plus, Terrie graduated from Thiel! Woo! I hope we get them again when we go to get the other one removed. The third hour was when G-ma finally got to go in for surgery. I got to wait in this pretty sweet room that we essentially a huge, badass living room. The room had a kickin' TV, toys for kids, couches, chairs, a kitchen table, and a refreshment stand. The room was also equipped with another screen where you can monitor the person you're with as they are worked on. See, the patients are given numbers, which show up on the left side of the screen, then little messages, like "in OR" and such, show up on the right side next to the number. It was pretty darn nifty. G-ma seemed to be in a prepping room for ages before her surgery began. I managed to polish off more than half of My Dog Skip (excellent book, makes me cry) before they finally wheeled her out and back into the original room. There we waited for quite a bit until she was done being loopy from the anesthesia. We were then allowed to leave, so we headed to the eye doctors, they checked her eye out, and everything was gravy. She goes back the 18th to get the cataract removed from her left eye. She's excited. She's already able to see so well out of her right eye.

Today I managed to coax my dog, Sadie, into the car and took her up to the dam where we walked for two hours. She's not too big on car rides because they usually mean, "Hey, we're going to the vet!", but once we got to the dam, she was excited. I've never taken her there before, but it was a nice day and it's really muddy where we usually walk (and I get bored walking there all the time and assume Sadie does too), so I decided to do something different. I had fun and I'm fairly certain Sadie did too. I'm thinking of making this like an every other Sunday kind of thing. We walked across bridges, through fields, all along wooded paths, through a creek/river thing, up rocks, etc. We hiked the hell out of that place! We managed to guzzle a bottle of water each in the process and really wore ourselves out. Once we got back to the car and had some more water, she jumped right into the backseat and flopped down. Sadie even fell asleep on the way home. Adorable, right? When we got home I jumped in the pool and she got sprayed down with the hose. We've both been chillin' ever since.

I've been reading Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin. It's very good, but I grow more and more angry with every page turn. I'd recommend picking it up, especially if you think Obama is a saint. (Spoiler warning: He's not!)

Speaking of reading, I've read 17 (will be 18 after Malkin's) books this summer!

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A Classic Choice [Sun, Jul 26th, 09 @ 8:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Just a some updates for those of you that actually read my blog:

Thursday I had quite the interesting day. It had been one of those gloomy, rainy, muggy days and I happened to be inside reading Coraline. My dad suddenly starts yelling for me to come look at something outside. Expecting it to be something stupid (as often is the case with my father) I half-heartedly went outside to see what he was making a fuss about. Turns out that a little brown bat (which look a lot like Indiana bats, but my guy didn't have a keel on its calcar, so it was an LBB) had gotten wedged sort of in the tailgate of his truck and was soaking wet, but still very much alive. For those of you who don't know, I LOVE bats. I've always loved and been fascinated by them. They were always my favorite critters to go see at the zoo. As such, I've always wanted to pet one; feel the fur and wings. I got my wish! Bats have a hard time flying (if I recall correctly, they can't do anything at all really) when wet, so I wrapped the little guy up in a washcloth and held him until he was nice and dry. Obviously I did pet the bat's back and very carefully touched the wings. Those membranes are so thin! I loved every minute of this. Once I had my fill, I took the little brown bat outside and let him go.

I had a similar encounter with a turtle Thursday too! I was heading to Wal-Mart and noticed a turtle walking on the other side of the road. I kind of laughed and thought it was kind of funny. Then I started feeling guilty and really started to worry about the turtle. There weren't any cars around, so I went back to where I saw the turtle, got out, grabbed him, took him back to my house, placed him in a wheelbarrow with some water, and went to the store. No one cares what I did at Wal-Mart, so we'll skip that bit. When I came home I examined the turtle for a bit and found out I had an eastern box turtle! I let it wander around my driveway for a bit while I snapped pictures then went and released it in a creek that flows into the lake by my house. He was a very neat little guy. They have this wicked hinged plastron (flat part of shell) that can completely seal them off inside their shell! Haha. I'm such a nerd.

But I am WAY cooler than Go Diego, Go!

Saturday I went down to Columbus with my cousins Sheila, John, and Monica to see Passing On play at a "Battle of the Bands" show. We drove all the way there (nearly four hours) only to find out that the show was canceled. Apparently the guys went to unload and check in at the place, but the production company and whatnot never showed. Karl left them a "lovely" voicemail and I believe Kyle contacted the Better Business Bureau. We were all disappointed about it, but decided to stay and find something else to do. The guys had some people over and we made a fire, played Catch Phrase, and BSed. They were even nice enough to set all their equipment up in their house and play five songs for us. Three of them were even new and nobody had yet heard them. Awesome! So, we got to see them play afterall. And as Monica put it, it was pretty much like we were VIPs with a private show. Despite the lack of a show I had a lot of fun. We're going to try to go again next month when they play with Sturbridge again.

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Trivial Updates and Critter Pictures [Wed, Jul 22nd, 09 @ 1:53pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Things I've been up to since my last post:

- My cat, Ayshia, turned 14 on the 14th and loathes the world and and everyone (except me) in it even more.
- I made a city out of chalk for Kimmy, but the pictures vanished from my camera and then it rained. Dammit.
- I spent two hours on Youtube watching A Very Potter Musical and I believe it is the greatest thing the internet has to offer.
- Rumbleroar!
- I went and saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with Amy. As with all the movies I have a love/hate relationship with it. I'm a stickler for details, so I tend to get angry. But overall, it was a good film and despite all the problems I had with it, I will buy it the first day it comes out on DVD.
- Alan Rickman!Snape is AMAZING.
-Also, damn you and your lack of Tonksy goodness on the train, movie!
- Bought the 2-disc collector edition of Coraline. I adore that film.
- I developed an irrational fear of a velociraptor in my woods upon my first time ever hearing courting Barred Owls.
- Saw a Common Raven snooping around my feeder. These birds were extirpated from Ohio around 1905, but are making somewhat of a comeback. However, it's still very unusual to see one. Unfortunately I did not have my camera on me to take a picture and I haven't seen my feathered friend since.
- I'm worried my camera is going to be pushing up daisies soon. :(
- Gave my "two weeks notice" to my cousins. Kim's tired of me, doesn't listen to me, and my fuse is blown. Love her to death, but...yeah we need a break.

That's about it. I may have done something way more exciting than all of that, but for the life of me, I can't remember.

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Dark:30 PM [Sun, Jul 12th, 09 @ 11:41am]
[ mood | drained ]

Rikki finally came home again! I was very glad to see her. The two of us went and hung out with Shelby last night. We started out the evening just hanging out with Shelby and watching videos on Youtube. Shelby kept playing videos of that blond chick from iCarly and this prompted me to ask, "Shelby, do you have a girl crush?" The answer was yes. Haha. So, we had a discussion about girl crushes. Shelby has one on Jenette McCurdy, Alexis Bledel, and Taylor Swift (yeah, we're worried too), Rikki has one on Jessica Alba, and I have mine on Amy Lee (Evanescence). The girl crush joke went on the rest of the night and I'm pretty sure it didn't get old. We eventually decided to go bowling at a place down the road. Before heading there though, we stopped at Speedway and grabbed some frappuccinos. We were going to get those Monster energy drinks with the coffee or whatever in them, but we couldn't find them and Shelby didn't want to die anyway. Shelby saw this girl she knew and said, "She looks just like Jennifer Aniston! She's so pretty!" which prompted a response of, "Shelby, you can't have a girl crush on someone you know!" Bahaha. We downed most of our frappuccinos and headed to the bowling alley. I was so terrible. I didn't even get near 100. Haha. That's not what matters though, all that matters was that we had fun harassing the DJ, asking a random guy to open Shelby's drink, making fun of Rikki throwing the ball BACKWARDS, and taking pictures in the bathroom. After bowling for a while and getting a little bored, we decided to call Amy (Mrs. M) and see what she was doing. She didn't exactly want to hang out at 11:30 at night, but we made plans to meet for breakfast in the morning, so it was all gravy. We ended up going to Wal-Mart after the alley and amused ourselves by taking pictures with random objects and almost buying a watch. Left the store with nothing and went back to Shelby's. We all claimed to be tired, but stayed up talking until 4 AM about everything from Dutch ovens to the existence of God. That was probably my favorite part of the night. Buddha knows I love to talk. Woke up at 7 AM and got ready to meet Amy for breakfast at 9. We had breakfast and all got caught up with each other and even took a joy ride in Rikki's new car. Then we said our toodles and took off. Rikki doesn't come home again until Christmas, so we should be seeing her again then.

Amy and I made plans to go see Harry Potter together Wednesday, so I'm all nerded up and excited for that now.

And if you get a chance, read Glenn Beck's Common Sense.

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In Restless Dreams I Walked Alone [Wed, Jul 8th, 09 @ 5:12pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

I'm sitting in the railway station old, worn computer chair that my rear calls home, listening to Simon and Garfunkel, and just thinking.

I'm so sick of everything. I hate the recession, I hate the government, and I hate that I can't turn the news on without hearing about Michael freaking Jackson. If I'm completely honest, I was more upset about Sarah Palin resigning and our fallen soldiers than Michael Jackson dying. Sure, I guess it's somewhat sad he's gone, but when you play around with drugs, you deserve what happens to you. That's my opinion on the matter and all the further I'll say about Jacko. More on the wonderful Mrs. Palin later.

This blog is going to be another one of those long, serious ones I post every now and then. Yes, yes, "Lindsey, you're so boring!" I'm well aware. Turn away now if this isn't your kind of thing.

To be honest again, I don't know how many people will read this. I could name a few of course, but sticking with the honesty, not many of my friends are politically savvy. Mainly I suppose this entry is going to serve as a ventilation system. I've got pent up anger that only madly hammering away at a keyboard can relieve.

As many of you know (or could venture to guess) I did not vote for Obama and his regime. The man and the "crappy, shitty, no-good" Congress (with the exception of Steve LaTourette and a few others) have not only just put me in debt until I die, but also Kimmy, and probably her kids as well. I didn't ask for this. The outrageous spending is getting us nowhere! How many jobs have actually been created/saved from the "stimulus" bill? It's absolutely insane to think that it has served some grand purpose. And now, our wise government has decided to try and pass ANOTHER one along with this cap-and-trade nonsense! And don't sit there and tell me that cap-and-trade isn't going to hurt anyone's budget. In the words of The One, "under my cap-and-trade plan, electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket." Even Peter Orszag (Budget Director) TESTIFIED before Congress saying that, "firms would not ultimately bear most of the costs of the allowances but instead would pass them along to their customers in the form of higher prices ... price increases would be essential to the success of a cap-and-trade program." I've heard estimates that it may cost citizens anywhere between $340-$4,560 more than what they would normally pay. That drives me up a tree. Having the government spend money it doesn't have and then having the nerve to ask us to spend money we don't have is NOT going to help us get out of this recession. That's one massive tax increase. We're not only going to have to pay more for just turning on a light, but also more to keep ourselves fed and clothed because, hello, energy is an input for goods and services. And there is no way in hell that any of these tax dollars are going to get back into our pockets. Oh no, the cash will go to big government programs and special interest groups. Good news for ACORN, bad news for us.

I may not have been around, but I know that Ronald Reagan got us out of a recession by LOWERING taxes and spending LESS. He lowered the taxes by something like 20 percent across the board. This ended up not only strengthening the dollar, but also taking down inflation. The economy grew and revenues increased. Unemployment even went down by something like two percent and it stayed relatively low somewhere near four percent. What's the unemployment rate now? I believe in May it was nine percent. I'm sure it has gone up since.

I'm against human cloning, but if we could have Reagan back, by God, I'd invest every penny I have in that program.

And I'm tired of this Obama/Biden bull of "inheriting" all of these economic problems. As Rush Limbaugh said, "He did NOT inherit a mess. He has created one." Presidents do not create prosperity. In other words, Bush had no affect on the stock market, lending/mortgage rates, hiring, etc. None of that was his doing, that was all the free market. Hell, if passing off your inadequacies was an acceptable way of running a country, Bush could have claimed that he inherited all of his economic woes from Clinton. If you want to play the blame game, blame those who really deserve it. I for one would point the finger at Barney Frank. He has been the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee since 2007. This committee oversees the housing and banking industries for those who don't know. Take that and couple it with his deep involvement with Fannie and Freddie over the years and I think you have the real man responsible for our crisis. Really though, Obama needs to, sorry for the vulgarity, grow a pair and man up to the responsibility/challenges of being President and stop whining about how everything isn't his fault.

I'm also sick of Obama going to other countries and telling them how horrible America is and how sorry we are for everything we've ever done or not done. That really infuriates me! I'm not sorry for anything and I don't want that man going around apologizing on my behalf. That's bull. He thinks by sucking up to everyone and being their friend that he can keep us safe and that he's being the most diplomatic man to walk this earth. In reality, he's being a pansy and I guarantee most people are laughing about it. I love my country. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world. But people like Obama and (most) liberals hate America. They want to tell everyone how terrible we are and change everything that's great about this country. I'm a traditionalist. I hate that secular progressives/liberals/etc. want to change/get rid of the old ways. I'm deeply saddened/worried that Kimmy isn't going to grow up in the America that I or G-ma grew up in. We might wake up tomorrow and find out that Christmas can no longer be celebrated or find "In God We Trust" taken off the money. I'm agnostic and none of that bothers me. It's tradition! Embrace it for Chrissake!

Anyone else tired of this bailout crap too? We have a capitalist economy here; supply and demand and all that jazz. If a company fails, it's because they are not supplying what the people want/need. And I say let them fail. Let the companies shut down and be replaced. It's been working that way for years, why change it now? The government should not bailout or control any business. That's bull. Oh, but I forgot. Apparently citizens also own GM since we bailed them out (even if we didn't want to). Like Greta Van Susteren, I wonder what color my company car will be.

Besides disliking the President and his buddies with a passion, I also deeply dislike our Congress. Congress does NOTHING. If you ever get a chance, read pages 87-103 in Fleeced by Dick Morris. The chapter explains what exactly our Congress gets up to on a regular basis. If you're not one for reading (why are you here?) or you don't have time to head to the library, I'll sum it up for you; sports teams congratulations and post office re-namings. That's EXACTLY why we voted for them, isn't it?! And don't worry, I hear you. "Oh Lindsey, you just hate Democrats." My friends, that's where you are wrong. With the exception of Steve LaTourette, I hate them all, Democrats and Republicans! None of them (except Mr. LaTourette) are doing anything for us at all. I don't think we should be paying them; they're not doing their jobs! Nobody is looking out for any of us. I think we need an all new Congress; chuck the whole lot of them out. Or, back to human cloning, make a Congress made up entirely of Steve LaTourettes! That would make me happy. Very, very happy. And now the idiot known as Al Franken has made his way in. If there is a God, may He have mercy on us. Anyway, I even dislike the man I voted for in the Presidential election, John McCain.

I've never been fond of John McCain. If you know anything about me, you know that I heart Huckabee through and through. But hell, I was going to vote for McCain because he was conservative and for a small government. Then, he chose his running mate, Sarah Palin. SHE was the reason I voted for McCain. That and I truly dislike Obama. Now, back to my major dislike of him now. This stems from the fact that he has said and done NOTHING for Sarah when she and her family are wrongly attacked. He screwed up by censoring her in the election and he's really ticked me off by not sticking up for her. Not that she really needs sticking up for, she can handle herself, she's, quite frankly, badass.

I love Sarah Palin, I really do. I admire and look up to her. Sarah started out her career as a sports journalist and became governor of Alaska. That is quite an accomplishment. Before becoming governor though, Sarah served on a city council and was mayor of Wasilla. She created programs that created benefits for seniors, focused on conserving/recovering domestic oil and natural gas, etc. Palin would not have put up with Congress wanting to raise taxes and earmark every single bill. She believes doctors should manage health care, not bureaucracies. She also believes in competition in the market and not that bailout crap that Obama seems to love. Sarah also isn't one of the "good ol' boys" or a Washington Insider. I love that about her. I also love how she'll take on people in her own party if she thinks they're not doing their job properly/for the people. The way she speaks too; fantastic! She speaks to you like she's your best friend and she's known you for years. She is so down to earth and eloquent at the same time. Not many people could be while pulling in salmon nets on a tiny boat in Alaska. Biden barely has anyone come listen to him speak, but Sarah had a PACKED house with a wink and a couple of "You betchas!" She's also a fantastic mother and wife. I've seen footage shot at her house and whatnot and I love how she is with her family. She's truly dedicated to them. She even said her favorite time of day is when her kids come home from school. How wonderful is that? They fault her for a mistake her daughter made, but that daughter has owned up to the responsibility of raising a child and honestly, how many girls have children out of wedlock that Democrats/liberals are always rushing in to rescue and glorify? There's so much more I adore about her, but if I keep going on, I'll never stop. I would have LOVED to see her in action down in Washington. I don't care what the other side says, she had way more experience than Obama. A governor is an EXECUTIVE job, pretty much like a miniature President. "Community organizer" and Senator are NOTHING like the Presidency. She would have been amazing in Washington. I'm sad that she's resigning and it sickens/angers me that she and her family are attacked so often.

I hope this isn't the last we see of her. I want her to shake up politics some more. She's truly an American woman and I hope I can be half the person she is someday.

Well, reader, this is my first rant of 2009.

I'm sure it won't be my last.

Until next time,

July 7, 2009
8:14 PM


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