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In Restless Dreams I Walked Alone

I'm sitting in the railway station old, worn computer chair that my rear calls home, listening to Simon and Garfunkel, and just thinking.

I'm so sick of everything. I hate the recession, I hate the government, and I hate that I can't turn the news on without hearing about Michael freaking Jackson. If I'm completely honest, I was more upset about Sarah Palin resigning and our fallen soldiers than Michael Jackson dying. Sure, I guess it's somewhat sad he's gone, but when you play around with drugs, you deserve what happens to you. That's my opinion on the matter and all the further I'll say about Jacko. More on the wonderful Mrs. Palin later.

This blog is going to be another one of those long, serious ones I post every now and then. Yes, yes, "Lindsey, you're so boring!" I'm well aware. Turn away now if this isn't your kind of thing.

To be honest again, I don't know how many people will read this. I could name a few of course, but sticking with the honesty, not many of my friends are politically savvy. Mainly I suppose this entry is going to serve as a ventilation system. I've got pent up anger that only madly hammering away at a keyboard can relieve.

As many of you know (or could venture to guess) I did not vote for Obama and his regime. The man and the "crappy, shitty, no-good" Congress (with the exception of Steve LaTourette and a few others) have not only just put me in debt until I die, but also Kimmy, and probably her kids as well. I didn't ask for this. The outrageous spending is getting us nowhere! How many jobs have actually been created/saved from the "stimulus" bill? It's absolutely insane to think that it has served some grand purpose. And now, our wise government has decided to try and pass ANOTHER one along with this cap-and-trade nonsense! And don't sit there and tell me that cap-and-trade isn't going to hurt anyone's budget. In the words of The One, "under my cap-and-trade plan, electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket." Even Peter Orszag (Budget Director) TESTIFIED before Congress saying that, "firms would not ultimately bear most of the costs of the allowances but instead would pass them along to their customers in the form of higher prices ... price increases would be essential to the success of a cap-and-trade program." I've heard estimates that it may cost citizens anywhere between $340-$4,560 more than what they would normally pay. That drives me up a tree. Having the government spend money it doesn't have and then having the nerve to ask us to spend money we don't have is NOT going to help us get out of this recession. That's one massive tax increase. We're not only going to have to pay more for just turning on a light, but also more to keep ourselves fed and clothed because, hello, energy is an input for goods and services. And there is no way in hell that any of these tax dollars are going to get back into our pockets. Oh no, the cash will go to big government programs and special interest groups. Good news for ACORN, bad news for us.

I may not have been around, but I know that Ronald Reagan got us out of a recession by LOWERING taxes and spending LESS. He lowered the taxes by something like 20 percent across the board. This ended up not only strengthening the dollar, but also taking down inflation. The economy grew and revenues increased. Unemployment even went down by something like two percent and it stayed relatively low somewhere near four percent. What's the unemployment rate now? I believe in May it was nine percent. I'm sure it has gone up since.

I'm against human cloning, but if we could have Reagan back, by God, I'd invest every penny I have in that program.

And I'm tired of this Obama/Biden bull of "inheriting" all of these economic problems. As Rush Limbaugh said, "He did NOT inherit a mess. He has created one." Presidents do not create prosperity. In other words, Bush had no affect on the stock market, lending/mortgage rates, hiring, etc. None of that was his doing, that was all the free market. Hell, if passing off your inadequacies was an acceptable way of running a country, Bush could have claimed that he inherited all of his economic woes from Clinton. If you want to play the blame game, blame those who really deserve it. I for one would point the finger at Barney Frank. He has been the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee since 2007. This committee oversees the housing and banking industries for those who don't know. Take that and couple it with his deep involvement with Fannie and Freddie over the years and I think you have the real man responsible for our crisis. Really though, Obama needs to, sorry for the vulgarity, grow a pair and man up to the responsibility/challenges of being President and stop whining about how everything isn't his fault.

I'm also sick of Obama going to other countries and telling them how horrible America is and how sorry we are for everything we've ever done or not done. That really infuriates me! I'm not sorry for anything and I don't want that man going around apologizing on my behalf. That's bull. He thinks by sucking up to everyone and being their friend that he can keep us safe and that he's being the most diplomatic man to walk this earth. In reality, he's being a pansy and I guarantee most people are laughing about it. I love my country. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world. But people like Obama and (most) liberals hate America. They want to tell everyone how terrible we are and change everything that's great about this country. I'm a traditionalist. I hate that secular progressives/liberals/etc. want to change/get rid of the old ways. I'm deeply saddened/worried that Kimmy isn't going to grow up in the America that I or G-ma grew up in. We might wake up tomorrow and find out that Christmas can no longer be celebrated or find "In God We Trust" taken off the money. I'm agnostic and none of that bothers me. It's tradition! Embrace it for Chrissake!

Anyone else tired of this bailout crap too? We have a capitalist economy here; supply and demand and all that jazz. If a company fails, it's because they are not supplying what the people want/need. And I say let them fail. Let the companies shut down and be replaced. It's been working that way for years, why change it now? The government should not bailout or control any business. That's bull. Oh, but I forgot. Apparently citizens also own GM since we bailed them out (even if we didn't want to). Like Greta Van Susteren, I wonder what color my company car will be.

Besides disliking the President and his buddies with a passion, I also deeply dislike our Congress. Congress does NOTHING. If you ever get a chance, read pages 87-103 in Fleeced by Dick Morris. The chapter explains what exactly our Congress gets up to on a regular basis. If you're not one for reading (why are you here?) or you don't have time to head to the library, I'll sum it up for you; sports teams congratulations and post office re-namings. That's EXACTLY why we voted for them, isn't it?! And don't worry, I hear you. "Oh Lindsey, you just hate Democrats." My friends, that's where you are wrong. With the exception of Steve LaTourette, I hate them all, Democrats and Republicans! None of them (except Mr. LaTourette) are doing anything for us at all. I don't think we should be paying them; they're not doing their jobs! Nobody is looking out for any of us. I think we need an all new Congress; chuck the whole lot of them out. Or, back to human cloning, make a Congress made up entirely of Steve LaTourettes! That would make me happy. Very, very happy. And now the idiot known as Al Franken has made his way in. If there is a God, may He have mercy on us. Anyway, I even dislike the man I voted for in the Presidential election, John McCain.

I've never been fond of John McCain. If you know anything about me, you know that I heart Huckabee through and through. But hell, I was going to vote for McCain because he was conservative and for a small government. Then, he chose his running mate, Sarah Palin. SHE was the reason I voted for McCain. That and I truly dislike Obama. Now, back to my major dislike of him now. This stems from the fact that he has said and done NOTHING for Sarah when she and her family are wrongly attacked. He screwed up by censoring her in the election and he's really ticked me off by not sticking up for her. Not that she really needs sticking up for, she can handle herself, she's, quite frankly, badass.

I love Sarah Palin, I really do. I admire and look up to her. Sarah started out her career as a sports journalist and became governor of Alaska. That is quite an accomplishment. Before becoming governor though, Sarah served on a city council and was mayor of Wasilla. She created programs that created benefits for seniors, focused on conserving/recovering domestic oil and natural gas, etc. Palin would not have put up with Congress wanting to raise taxes and earmark every single bill. She believes doctors should manage health care, not bureaucracies. She also believes in competition in the market and not that bailout crap that Obama seems to love. Sarah also isn't one of the "good ol' boys" or a Washington Insider. I love that about her. I also love how she'll take on people in her own party if she thinks they're not doing their job properly/for the people. The way she speaks too; fantastic! She speaks to you like she's your best friend and she's known you for years. She is so down to earth and eloquent at the same time. Not many people could be while pulling in salmon nets on a tiny boat in Alaska. Biden barely has anyone come listen to him speak, but Sarah had a PACKED house with a wink and a couple of "You betchas!" She's also a fantastic mother and wife. I've seen footage shot at her house and whatnot and I love how she is with her family. She's truly dedicated to them. She even said her favorite time of day is when her kids come home from school. How wonderful is that? They fault her for a mistake her daughter made, but that daughter has owned up to the responsibility of raising a child and honestly, how many girls have children out of wedlock that Democrats/liberals are always rushing in to rescue and glorify? There's so much more I adore about her, but if I keep going on, I'll never stop. I would have LOVED to see her in action down in Washington. I don't care what the other side says, she had way more experience than Obama. A governor is an EXECUTIVE job, pretty much like a miniature President. "Community organizer" and Senator are NOTHING like the Presidency. She would have been amazing in Washington. I'm sad that she's resigning and it sickens/angers me that she and her family are attacked so often.

I hope this isn't the last we see of her. I want her to shake up politics some more. She's truly an American woman and I hope I can be half the person she is someday.

Well, reader, this is my first rant of 2009.

I'm sure it won't be my last.

Until next time,

July 7, 2009
8:14 PM
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