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"Boom! Manifested!"

Let's start off with some backtracking:

Tuesday I went to the hospital to stay with G-ma while she had a cataract removed from her right eye. We were there probably four hours. Which is kind of crazy considering the surgery only takes roughly 15 minutes. Well, the first hour we chilled out in a hospital room, me in a chair and her in a bed, watching a fuzzy version of America's Newsroom. The second hour a couple nurses came in and prepped her for the operation. The two of them (Terrie and Pam) were wicked funny. Another plus, Terrie graduated from Thiel! Woo! I hope we get them again when we go to get the other one removed. The third hour was when G-ma finally got to go in for surgery. I got to wait in this pretty sweet room that we essentially a huge, badass living room. The room had a kickin' TV, toys for kids, couches, chairs, a kitchen table, and a refreshment stand. The room was also equipped with another screen where you can monitor the person you're with as they are worked on. See, the patients are given numbers, which show up on the left side of the screen, then little messages, like "in OR" and such, show up on the right side next to the number. It was pretty darn nifty. G-ma seemed to be in a prepping room for ages before her surgery began. I managed to polish off more than half of My Dog Skip (excellent book, makes me cry) before they finally wheeled her out and back into the original room. There we waited for quite a bit until she was done being loopy from the anesthesia. We were then allowed to leave, so we headed to the eye doctors, they checked her eye out, and everything was gravy. She goes back the 18th to get the cataract removed from her left eye. She's excited. She's already able to see so well out of her right eye.

Today I managed to coax my dog, Sadie, into the car and took her up to the dam where we walked for two hours. She's not too big on car rides because they usually mean, "Hey, we're going to the vet!", but once we got to the dam, she was excited. I've never taken her there before, but it was a nice day and it's really muddy where we usually walk (and I get bored walking there all the time and assume Sadie does too), so I decided to do something different. I had fun and I'm fairly certain Sadie did too. I'm thinking of making this like an every other Sunday kind of thing. We walked across bridges, through fields, all along wooded paths, through a creek/river thing, up rocks, etc. We hiked the hell out of that place! We managed to guzzle a bottle of water each in the process and really wore ourselves out. Once we got back to the car and had some more water, she jumped right into the backseat and flopped down. Sadie even fell asleep on the way home. Adorable, right? When we got home I jumped in the pool and she got sprayed down with the hose. We've both been chillin' ever since.

I've been reading Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin. It's very good, but I grow more and more angry with every page turn. I'd recommend picking it up, especially if you think Obama is a saint. (Spoiler warning: He's not!)

Speaking of reading, I've read 17 (will be 18 after Malkin's) books this summer!

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