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Small Updates

Sunday I went over to my aunt Bette's house with G-ma and Kimmy (other cousins and such were there too) to see my cousin Valerie, her boyfriend David, and their baby Madeline. They're out visiting from Colorado and I haven't seen them since my graduation, so I was very glad they came. Madeline is so adorable and has the cutest little baby voice. Haha. I'm such a girl...Kimmy had fun playing with Madeline and I'm sure Madeline appreciated having someone sort of her size around. We ate food, chatted, played with the baby, etc. You know, all the usual family get-together stuff. We stayed quite a while, but then Madeline wanted a nap, so we took off. I think I miss her.

Can you FedEx a baby?

Yesterday (Tuesday) I took G-ma up to the hospital for her last cataract surgery. We didn't have the same nurses as last time but the new ones (Mary and Brenda) were very nice and I liked talking to them. The same routine went down, got there two hours before surgery, hung out in a room with G-ma while they prepped her, etc. Only this time, the wicked waiting room was being revamped or something, so I had the option of waiting downstairs or in the room. Blah. I decided to sit in the room. It wasn't too bad, I had Lamb by Christopher Moore to occupy me. (That book is fantastic!) About an hour after they took her to surgery, G-ma was back in the room. She told me she was kind of awake this time and could see the tools they jabbed into her eye. Yikes! She said she didn't feel a thing though, which is probably a good thing! I mean, have you ever watched a cataract surgery on Youtube? It looks brutal. I'm glad she'll be able to see well now, but also sad that I'll never be able to call her "Cataracts" as a nickname ever again. Sigh. Anyway, she's doing much better today and is so excited to have her eyes fixed. She's even more excited because she can finally drive again. She's already taken a joy ride over here once today. Haha.

I go back to school in roughly two weeks (12 days to be exact). I'm nervous, but not. Does that make sense? Man, oh man. Another yearrrr.

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