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Barking Spiders

I've had a totally awesome and totally chaotic two days.

Friday morning I was sitting at home, reading Bleach manga (yes, I AM that much of a nerd), when my cousin Sheila called me and asked if I wanted to go down to Columbus with her, John, and David (Kenny, Monica, and two of their friends would be going too). Of course I said yes! So, I got ready and my cousins picked me up and we headed down to Columbus. After what seemed like forever, we made it to my cousin's house. When we arrived some of the guys (Chad, Jeff, and Louis) from the band Sturbridge were hanging out on the porch with Shane, Kyle, Efrum, and Karl. Shane introduced us and we all hung out for a while. Once it got to be around the time Passing On had to play we headed over to the venue (the Newport). However, we were pretty hungry, so we decided to grab some pizza ($1 a slice) from a place right next to the Newport. While there, we met a pretty interesting fellow. I didn't catch his name, but apparently he is an archangel that not only killed Satan, but Jesus as well. And since he accomplished both of these feats, he now manages hell. Our "friend" also told us about how he rides trains all around Ohio and visits his "girl" in jail who is a heroin addict. The fun doesn't end there! The guy also carries around a string-less guitar with sayings such as, "Kill cops", written all over it. You know, I totally would have bought his story...if he didn't reek of liquor. Is it just me, or are the homeless getting more and more creative? After ditching the angel and eating our pizza, we headed over to the Newport. A few crappy bands played, then Passing On performed. AMAZING. I love them so much. Makes my whole month just getting down to see them. Sturbridge played after and also put on a damn good show. They even had Shane and Karl come up and sing "Wicked Garden" by Stone Temple Pilots with them. That was truly epic! After the show they had a party at Shane's house. Being a non-drinker I gravitated toward the only other non-drinker there, Sheila, and hung out with her all night. That was fine by me, Sheila's pretty damn cool. Haha. The two of us tried to go to bed around 3 AM, but that was a no go. Shane finally cleared people out around 4, but a couple doucheholes (did I invent that insult?) stuck around and annoyed me enough that I dropped a few f-bombs and said some angry things at them. Ha. You don't interrupt my sleep. EVER. After getting very little sleep, we got up, got ready, and went to Bob Evans for breakfast. After eating, we said our good-byes and headed home.

I got home and just messed around some; didn't really put any of my stuff from the trip away. One item included in this "stuff" was my wallet. Usually I keep my wallet locked in my car, but since I needed it in Columbus, I had it in the house. I meant to grab it and put it in the car on the way to G-ma's today, but I forgot. I was at G-ma's watching Gran Torino, when my uncle called and said a couple of shifty guys were hanging around my house and bugging his friend Mike that lives right across from me. They were going to head over and see what was up and I decided to race home too. When I got there, a car pulled out in front of me on my road and took off. My uncle and Mike were at my house checking things out and told me what was going on. Apparently they were going to try and get into Mike's, but he caught them and they told some bull story about getting robbed and looking for the person. Well, Mike decided to head over to my uncle's and the people (two guys and two chicks) ((I want to mention ethnicity, but that might make me racist...)) (((Oh hell, I kind of did!))) followed him over to my uncle's and were quite clear they didn't want the cops called. Hmm...I went through all the rooms in my house and didn't find anything amiss. Until I looked where I last placed my wallet and what do you know, it was gone. My uncle then saw someone duck down in the woods and went in to flush him out with an ash poker. I'm freaking out and this point and on the verge of tears. Long story short, a cop came with a dog, took down our story, took down my name and whatnot, etc. He also said the same make of car was reported earlier today hauling ass with some people that tried to break into cars at a campground. I'm in full blown tears at this time and feeling violated. Everyone leaves and I go outside for fresh air and to look for my cat. I find him near the woods and what the hell do you know, I find my wallet with everything in it. Good sweet Buddha, I have never been happier. It's possible I could have dropped it, but I doubt it. I don't know. Even if people didn't go into my house, I still feel violated by having these thugs (we think a drug deal went bad) and goons in my neighborhood. I live in the WOODS for crying out loud!

Is nowhere safe? Now I'm all paranoid that they're going to come back and eff me up or something.

And I feel like an a-hole because I threw a fit for pretty much nothing.


I am super grateful for my uncle and Mike. I'm so glad there are still good, decent people that will help and lookout for others.

By the way, Gran Torino is quite possibly one of the greatest movies I've ever seen.




Louis is the one on the right.

I love this picture.

Love this picture
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