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I Eat Lunch with Dead People

I am officially done with my first week back to college. Well, technically I was officially done at noon, but I had things to do. Anyway...

My classes aren't too bad and I like all of my professors (so far).

I have genetics, which I find pretty interesting and my favorite professor teaches it, so it's all gravy. The lab is kind of cool too. We've been breeding fruit flies since Tuesday and are going to do some big population genetics project. My group has to cover scarlet eyed flies and ebony bodied flies. Only one week in and I already can sex and anesthetize fruit flies! One downer is that we have to do projects in either groups of two or three (and we don't get to choose the person) and then present them to the class. I'm not really a fan of that because I have an extreme phobia of speaking in front of people. Augh.

I'm also taking organic chemistry, which I'm actually understanding so far and am looking forward to because there isn't a lot of math/equations that you have to memorize. Score! The professor seems really nice and pretty cool too, which is a plus.

Another class I'm taking is Spanish. But not just any Spanish...Spanish for beginners. Bahaha. I love it. I had four years in high school and so far this class has just a been a breeze. My teacher is actually Spanish and lives in Madrid. She seems really nice and actually reminds me A LOT of my high school Spanish teacher. I don't really foresee any problems in this class. The only thing I dislike is that she likes to randomly call on people and ask them to say their numbers backward, say the alphabet, etc. Ah, well.

The last class I'm currently taking is health. It's taught by a nurse that used to actually teach nursing when Thiel had a program. It seems fairly easy. We pretty much just read the sections, discuss them in class, and take quizzes on Blackboard. No biggie, I suppose.

And yes, I do eat lunch with dead people! I also eat lunch with one living person too. Shelby commutes this year and by some lucky chance, we both have breaks at the same time, so the two of us eat lunch together. We had a few spots picked out, but they were either too crowded or too much in the sun. However, we both were struck with a brilliant idea. Across from where we park is a cemetery and on a hill there are some stone steps directly in the shade of a big, old tree. It's a really nice spot and we've taken it up as our dining spot. The dead people we eat with? James and Nancy McKnight. They're pretty cool, but not very chatty.

Another new thing this year is that I'm going to be put on anxiety medication. I am and am not looking forward to it. I really don't want to be on medication, but I'm so sick of being filled with anxiety every waking moment for known and unknown reasons. My coping mechanism is becoming a problem too. See, when I'm stressed/anixety filled/having a bad time, I just roll in a ball and fall asleep. This becomes a problem because I get home at noon and sleep until 6 and have hardly any time to do the things I want and then I cannot sleep at night. I hate it! I've had anxiety attacks and long bouts of it for years, but it's really been escalating these past three years and I really can't take it anymore. I go to the doctor's in two weeks to find out everything for sure. I'm kind of worried though because I don't know what anxiety medication will do to my OCD. Will it help it? Make it worse? Ah! I've got to have a long chat with my doctor.

Oh, I am a mess.
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