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Dark:30 PM

Rikki finally came home again! I was very glad to see her. The two of us went and hung out with Shelby last night. We started out the evening just hanging out with Shelby and watching videos on Youtube. Shelby kept playing videos of that blond chick from iCarly and this prompted me to ask, "Shelby, do you have a girl crush?" The answer was yes. Haha. So, we had a discussion about girl crushes. Shelby has one on Jenette McCurdy, Alexis Bledel, and Taylor Swift (yeah, we're worried too), Rikki has one on Jessica Alba, and I have mine on Amy Lee (Evanescence). The girl crush joke went on the rest of the night and I'm pretty sure it didn't get old. We eventually decided to go bowling at a place down the road. Before heading there though, we stopped at Speedway and grabbed some frappuccinos. We were going to get those Monster energy drinks with the coffee or whatever in them, but we couldn't find them and Shelby didn't want to die anyway. Shelby saw this girl she knew and said, "She looks just like Jennifer Aniston! She's so pretty!" which prompted a response of, "Shelby, you can't have a girl crush on someone you know!" Bahaha. We downed most of our frappuccinos and headed to the bowling alley. I was so terrible. I didn't even get near 100. Haha. That's not what matters though, all that matters was that we had fun harassing the DJ, asking a random guy to open Shelby's drink, making fun of Rikki throwing the ball BACKWARDS, and taking pictures in the bathroom. After bowling for a while and getting a little bored, we decided to call Amy (Mrs. M) and see what she was doing. She didn't exactly want to hang out at 11:30 at night, but we made plans to meet for breakfast in the morning, so it was all gravy. We ended up going to Wal-Mart after the alley and amused ourselves by taking pictures with random objects and almost buying a watch. Left the store with nothing and went back to Shelby's. We all claimed to be tired, but stayed up talking until 4 AM about everything from Dutch ovens to the existence of God. That was probably my favorite part of the night. Buddha knows I love to talk. Woke up at 7 AM and got ready to meet Amy for breakfast at 9. We had breakfast and all got caught up with each other and even took a joy ride in Rikki's new car. Then we said our toodles and took off. Rikki doesn't come home again until Christmas, so we should be seeing her again then.

Amy and I made plans to go see Harry Potter together Wednesday, so I'm all nerded up and excited for that now.

And if you get a chance, read Glenn Beck's Common Sense.

I wasn't supposed to take this one. Haha.


Oh my gourd, Jonas Brothers!


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