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A Classic Choice

Just a some updates for those of you that actually read my blog:

Thursday I had quite the interesting day. It had been one of those gloomy, rainy, muggy days and I happened to be inside reading Coraline. My dad suddenly starts yelling for me to come look at something outside. Expecting it to be something stupid (as often is the case with my father) I half-heartedly went outside to see what he was making a fuss about. Turns out that a little brown bat (which look a lot like Indiana bats, but my guy didn't have a keel on its calcar, so it was an LBB) had gotten wedged sort of in the tailgate of his truck and was soaking wet, but still very much alive. For those of you who don't know, I LOVE bats. I've always loved and been fascinated by them. They were always my favorite critters to go see at the zoo. As such, I've always wanted to pet one; feel the fur and wings. I got my wish! Bats have a hard time flying (if I recall correctly, they can't do anything at all really) when wet, so I wrapped the little guy up in a washcloth and held him until he was nice and dry. Obviously I did pet the bat's back and very carefully touched the wings. Those membranes are so thin! I loved every minute of this. Once I had my fill, I took the little brown bat outside and let him go.

I had a similar encounter with a turtle Thursday too! I was heading to Wal-Mart and noticed a turtle walking on the other side of the road. I kind of laughed and thought it was kind of funny. Then I started feeling guilty and really started to worry about the turtle. There weren't any cars around, so I went back to where I saw the turtle, got out, grabbed him, took him back to my house, placed him in a wheelbarrow with some water, and went to the store. No one cares what I did at Wal-Mart, so we'll skip that bit. When I came home I examined the turtle for a bit and found out I had an eastern box turtle! I let it wander around my driveway for a bit while I snapped pictures then went and released it in a creek that flows into the lake by my house. He was a very neat little guy. They have this wicked hinged plastron (flat part of shell) that can completely seal them off inside their shell! Haha. I'm such a nerd.

But I am WAY cooler than Go Diego, Go!

Saturday I went down to Columbus with my cousins Sheila, John, and Monica to see Passing On play at a "Battle of the Bands" show. We drove all the way there (nearly four hours) only to find out that the show was canceled. Apparently the guys went to unload and check in at the place, but the production company and whatnot never showed. Karl left them a "lovely" voicemail and I believe Kyle contacted the Better Business Bureau. We were all disappointed about it, but decided to stay and find something else to do. The guys had some people over and we made a fire, played Catch Phrase, and BSed. They were even nice enough to set all their equipment up in their house and play five songs for us. Three of them were even new and nobody had yet heard them. Awesome! So, we got to see them play afterall. And as Monica put it, it was pretty much like we were VIPs with a private show. Despite the lack of a show I had a lot of fun. We're going to try to go again next month when they play with Sturbridge again.

And for those of you that think I'm loopy with my talk of keels and calcars:

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